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We accept Tescom regulators, valves, systems and components for repair and service. In the following sections we inform about the process of returning goods for repair and service.

Please read carefully before you start with the form, by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Each request submitted is valid for one device only. To submit additional individuals, please use the link provided after submittal.

Please be informed that Tescom will charge a handling fee for inspection and evaluation of returned regulators, in case the customer declines repair of the returned goods.

The customer bears responsibility for the health and safety of all who come into contact with the returned item(s). This responsibility spans from the users own personnel, through shipping agents, to TESCOM service personnel who come into contact with the equipment and its components.

Parts that will be returned must be free from any harmful items, like i.e. chemical substances, bacteria, viruses or increased radioactivity. In addition, any contamination of the instruments and components, even if it has been removed, must be made known, and the declaration on contamination must always be filled out.

Regulators, parts or systems that have been purchased with certificates or other documents need to be returned together with the complete set of documentation (printed and electronic) associated with that order.
If documents have not been returned and need to be replaced by new once(s) we will charge them, regardless of the reason for return (claim, conversion, maintenance).



Your equipment is potentially ”hazardous” if it has been used with any substances classified as being ‚hazardous‘ under EU directive 1272/2008/EC. Should your equipment be contaminated with or contain hazardous chemicals, it is necessary to remove all traces of contamination to the satisfaction of local, national and international laws covering the transportation of dangerous / ”hazardous” goods, and in conjunction with EU directive 1272/2008/EC.

Hazardous goods declaration is part of the Return Authorization (RA) Form, which must be filled and submitted by the customer to register returns for repair and service. The declaration can only be completed by an authorized and qualified person. If a declaration is not filled completely further action will be delayed or omitted.



Complete the Return Authorization Form (linked below).

Attach additional information (like P&ID, history on use, status at shipment, decontamination info) before you submit your request.

Your information will be evaluated at the factory and the return will be authorized within 48 hours.

With the approval e-mail, you will receive a Return Authorization (RA) Number. This must appear in all accompanying documentation, regardless of the reason for return. Return of parts without an RA number will not be accepted and will be either disposed or returned to the customer at the customer‘s expense.



Before returning parts the below safety procedures must be followed:    

  1. Drain all fluids and lubricants from the equipment and its accessories. Remove all traces of chemicals and neutralize the instrument by purging with gas and/or rinse with adequate solvent or liquid (at least 5-10 times flushing). Obey the manual of the product where applicable.
  2. Disassemble the equipment from your system and send the component depressurised.
  3. Seal all openings air tight.
  4. Use appropriate packaging to avoid damage during transportation.
  5. Attach the RA number to the outside of the package and on all your shipping documents. The RA number should be clearly visible on the outside of the package.

To obtain a RA number you have to complete the RA Request Form. We will process your requests within 2 working days and provide a RA number for your return. Start by clicking the button below.